Suggestions for home-build sims

This section as mentioned in the introduction of the Technics-site, is supposed to help those of us, that still want to have their own simulator, but do not have the required space to install it or have another problem (which we all had or still have...) little money to spend in the project.

In this section you will find some description of some items I had built using simple materials, cheap parts which I could find in allmost evry hard-ware store, and sometimes even in a super-market. Among others, the ejection handle is shown, master caution light, pitot tubes for the ACES-II, etc. The items are allready built, and therefore can be shown in this section.

Some other ideas will follow, specially a simple way to build plastic panels and parts, which you might do right in the middle of your dining-room, WITHOUT having problems with your wife or family due to the dust and debris a work like this would leave back. I will show you how to build some parts on a cheap basis, with a more or less neat appearance and functionality. Please do not expect a high fidelity. The idea is to allow everybody to build some parts for his sim. The level of fidelity could allthough be improved, depending on each one's expectations.

ACES-II Ram-Air Probes
ACES-II Ejection Handle
ACES-II Ejection Control Safety Lever
ICP 4-Way Switch
ICP Control Wheels
Master Caution Light
Pedal Adjust Handle
Fresnel Screen mag.
Acryl Panels I
Acryl Panels II

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