ACES-II Ejection Control Safety Lever

If you're flying the latest version of Falcon, -- eFalcon 1.10 -- you'l find that a lot of switches, handles and lights became activated. Therefore your sim. needs to get updated.....The seat-ejection has to be enabled in eFalcon, before you can bail out. To do this, in the start and pre-takeoff procedures, you have to activate the ejection-control-leaver at the left side of you auxiliary panel. This handle is part of the ACES II and has to be locked in the down position to enable ejection. Forgetting to do this, might result in a very "hard experience" ().

The original mechanism is kind of sofisticated, as through wires and leavers the safety-device is unlocked and the rockets of the ACES II are armed for ignition. If you want to duplicate this, it would mean a lot of work, mechanics, electronics and nerves, as this system could show failures of all kinds in your sim. That's the reason why I modified a little the position of the ejection-control and placed it beside the ACES. This way you can remove the ACES (which is quite heavy) from your pit, without hanging on cables or controls. The only cable you have to disconnect is the one that activates the ejection-handle.This allows an easier maintenance (if required at all !) It's not the the original position, but still looks neat. .... The mechanism is also just simple...

Ejection Control Safety Lever

Ej.- Ctrl Locked

Ej.- Ctrl Armed

Ej.- Ctrl location

Just build the model of the ejection-control using pine-wood. After sanding, some gray paint, some screws (it makes the metallic- look appear mor real, and besides gives some weight, which you need!!) install the push-button at the base. I used a simple push-button, which is activated by the weight on the control in the down position. The internal spring of some of these push- switches are stronger as you might think, therefore use some metal-screws in order to assure, that the weight of the control is big enough to push the button down and keep it down. It takes some experimenting, but there should be no complication to find the right weight.

At the pics. above you can see the ejection-control in the locked (safe) position and in the unlocked (armed) position as well.

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