Technics to build an own simulator

Under this topic I will give you as much information as possible. This info will cover different aspects, going from suggestions for home-build sims to the latest developments that could be used by via USB, Epic, etc. I hope that there will something for each one of you in this section of my HP.

In my old HP I had this section also, in which I tried to show, that using some phantasy, little money and some work, you could also build parts that are difficult to get. I will keep up with this kind of information, but in this point please do not expect high fidelity results. The basic idea will still be the same: how can you build an ejection handle, for example, that will work in your sim, allthough be cheap and made out of materials which are EASY to find. (hopefully in a store around the corner).

The reason why I will continue with this section, is that not everybody is like us (hard-core simulator builders), but there are lots of people somewhere out there that would also like to build themselves a cockpit, but do not have the required space or have a small budget to handle it. I think that those guys should also be supported by us, giving them as much help as we can, as we should not forget our own first steps on the simulator's world. - It's the same old story, right?

The new Technics will try to give updated information about electronic interfaces, adapting of controls, screens, projectors, etc. - I hope you will like it!

Suggestions for home-build sims

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