Pedal Adjust Handle

The Viper is a very special bird in deed. All the special designs you can find in a Falcon make it difficult to find matching parts for my simulator. Some further problem appeared, when I wanted to build the Rudder-Pedal-Control, which is located at the buttom of the center console. Of course I didnŽt want to make this active, but my center-console looked kind of "naked" without this handle... I could find some handles which look alike, but the size were not fitting. Looking around in a hardware-store, which was on sales, as they had a lot of "useless" things, I found the device I am showing on the next pic. It is used to pick-up things, that have fallen into a narrow place, and therefore out of reach. --- Sorry I donŽt know the right word for this tool, so IŽll just call it the "grasper".

If you have a closer look at the "grasper" youŽll see that I just took the upper part of it, painted it grey and had a good match for the rudder-pedal adjust control. By the way... I payed about US$ 0,55 for the "grasper".....No further comment.

Pedal Adjust Handle



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