ICP Control Wheels

Some controls and buttons that match the original are quite hard to get, therefore sometimes you have to improvise a little to obtain what you need and want. A typical problem showed up, when I wanted to activate the 4 control-wheels of the ICP. These wheels, which are used to select HUD-color, HUD-brightnes, HUD-scales and decluttering the HUD, had to look like the originals and FIT into the ICP-dimensions. After looking around several stores all over Europe, I could not find the match and therefore had a look at the trash-can (just once again..)...A friend's wife was using a special skin-oinment, which was filled into an oinment-plastic-pot. Having a closer look at the cover of this oinment, I got the initial Idea.. so the first prototype was built.

Parts ICP Control wheels

Req. Materials



As you see above, I used a piece of wood, which I glued into the cover of the oinment-pot. After drilling a matching hole into the center of the wood-disc, the knob was also glued into the disc. In order to guarantee a good fitting and some good appearance, I used 4 wood screws at the front of the "Wheel"....now some paint, and you're done. In order to make the wheels fit into the ICP, I use the flattest potentiometers I could get. The controls are not mounted on the front panel of the ICP. It was easier to install them on the side wall of the center console, (made of pine-tree) using plexiglass ... (3 mm)

Install ICP Control wheels


Right lower wheel

Final look

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