Master Caution Light

It took some time, but finally we (Martin "Pegasus" and I) could find and get a "big" warning-light, which would match the Master Caution of the Viper. E-Bay is allways a good place to shop around. If you're lucky, you might get what you need, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer as you would like. Prices depend also on the number of bidders and of course, their bids. In this case, we could buy 4 warning lights for US $ 14,00, which makes the price reasonable.

Master Caution Light

Master Caution OFF

Master Caution ON

Let's get into the real interesting part: first I had to take the Korrey into pieces, in order to see what I could use and what I had to replace or modify. From the original I just took the front part, as I cannot use light-bulbs on my sim. (they get hot and require lots of power). Instead I use LEDs, which are supported by the EPIC system, do not get hot and require very little power. Even though, the light they give is very bright. As the Korrey is just a light and not a switch, I used one of the swiss switches (the bigger one, which I had allready installed in the pit). After cutting the base, so that it woud fit into the Korry-mask, I replaced the front shield, glued it onto the switch to enlarge the light diffusor.

Master Caution Light

Korry light

Req. parts I (*)

Req. parts II

switch-base modif.

light diffusor

ready to assamble

(*) note, that on the second pic the yellow part is not used at all. I just needed a basis for the picture.

The sides of the original swiss switch were cut out, so that the base would be flat. This way the second diffusor could be glued onto it. The diffusor is made out of plexiglass, after treating it with a fine sand-paper to make it look foggy. This way the light of the LED is diffused better and just 1 LED will do the work. Using the swiss switch-base, I have the two functions that are required: warning-light and a toggle-switch to turn it off when necessary.

Thanks to the good advise (as usual) of Martin "Pegasus", I modified the Master Caution Warning, as in the off-position it looked light gray and the original looks dark red. The only thing that had to be done, was to place a red transparent shield in front of the first diffusor. Now in the off-position, the MCW appears as the original dark red. When lit, the intensity of the LED was not much less as before, but a nice secondary effect appeared the diffusion of the LED light is much better. It looks better now too!

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