ICP 4-Way Switch

Building the ICP isn't as difficult as it might look. You can build the front ICP panel out of plexiglass or aluminum. I used plexiglass, but as the ICP is in constant use and lots of buttons have to be pushed, I used 3,0 mm plexiglass instead of 1,5 mm. It is enough to take all the pressure without cracking!

The buttons are lit, and using a switch of the lighting panel of the sim. I can turn the illumination on/off as req. It showed, that flying the Falcon in a dimmed room, makes it easier to see details through the mag glasses, as the do bring up some distortion. When no room-lights are on, there is allmost no problem.

As I just mentioned "problems", it took some time to find a solution for one: the 4 way switch, which is now fully used in eFalcon 1,10. It turned out to be very difficult to get one of these 4 way switches, and here in Germny I gave up after several months of searching. Finally the solution was very simple (as usual....smile) Just try to get an old TQS or FCS that is allready going to the trash-can and take the 4 way-switches out of them. You'll see, that they work as needed in the ICP. Now you might understand why I call my sim the "Trash Can". Later you'll find more things which look worthless, but are just a perfect match for your sim......

Now take a simple 2 or 3 way-swich, which you can buy allmost anywhere, take the stick out of it, cut it down to the req. lenght and glue it onto the TM switch which you salvaged from the garbage. Just a little gray paint and ready to go. Simple isn't it?

ICP 4-Way switch

Thatīs what you need

Some glue & paint

Final look

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