ACES-II Ram-Air Probes

The probes of the ACES II (pitot-tubes) are difficult to get or to build. Therefore a simple solution was to be found again. As usual, sometimes simple things are the best solution. Before you get rid of something, it is sometimes useful to think if you could need some materials or at least part of it. At the beginning it might sound like Scrooge, but if you can save some money now, you might use it later for some required hardware or other things. (By the way, it is also a good agrument, if you get some problems with your wife or girl-friend...!) So letīs get down to facts again. Just look around some used Eye-Drop-Bottles might fit in ito your project. I found a perfect match. Here the required materials:

ACES-II Ram-Air Probes

Materials-1 (Eye-drops)


THIS is it!!!

Paint and ready...

Inlet Probe + Wire

Right Side Pitot

Take the plastic bottle ant take it into pieces. The small bottle is what we need now (at least part of it). Cut the part with the nozzle of the bottle. Gray paint and your first Pitot-Tube is ready. Now you just need some pieces of wire, plastic tubes (an old ball-pen is also useful) and it looks ok. At least, to me it does. Remember the "Trash-Can"!

The ACES II has a lot of tricky things, specially if you donīt have the blueprints, I did not have them either. I just had a picture, which I found in the Internet. After finishing my ACES II and feeling proud of it, a friend told me where to find some more pics. Thatīs the reason, why there are some differences between my ACES and the original, but on my next Sim it will be as accurate as possible. For now itīs just ok.

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