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New E-Mail

I am sorry, but I had some problems with my E-Mail server during the last months and was not able to repply your mail, as I just did not get it :-(
Therefore I have changed my E-mail to the following new add:

The link on my homepage has also been updated, so that I hope to be able to answer all the arriving mail.

Royal Netherlands Air Force

Last week I had the chance to visit the RNAF Base in Volkel, where two F-16 Fighter Squads and one F-16 Training Squad are located.
Hereby I want to thank the Base Commander, Colonel De Rave and Major van der Hoeven, Chief of Public Information for allowing Martin "Pegasus" and me to have a closer look on what the Pros are doing.
A brief report can be read by clicking onto the link below.

RNAF Base Volkel

Indexer Lights and FLCS Modification

One more step to achieve the "real feeling" of flying a F-16....FLCS modification to obtain force sensoring
USB Indexer Lights to be used with the ICP are a nice edge when flying the Viper

Pictures about these topicas are shown at the "Parts" section of this site.
These infos might give you some ideas for your own project. ;-)

Indexer Lights
FLCS Modification

Better Pictures

It took some time, but finally I could get some better pictures of my Simulator Ver.1.0, as the ones I had shown before were blurred.
The new ones show the same aspects, but in a better quality.
I hope you like them!



It will be a good year for sure, as it started with good news.
Finally the USB ICP arrived and it is just as the real thing!
Besides being plug & play it has lots of fine features, which I show and describe in this HP
I am sure, that once you had a look at it, you will just love it.
The Data and pictures can be found under the title ICP in the "Parts" Section.


USB MFDs & CCD Electronics

After along time without news on this site, I am very happy to announce, that a further step for my new
cockpit was made. I now have the MFDs and the required USB to power them. Details can be found in the
following sections of my site:


Electronics are now getting quite easier to manage ;) - So, just have a look !

Links to Other Homebuilt Simulators

Lots of "Simmers" have contacted me lately and have told me about their own projects. I must say that it is great to see, that there are more NUTS like me around. Also I have to admit that their projects are really good and worth to have a look at.
If you want to have a look at these simulators, just go to my new F-16 link section and visit their HPs. You will be amazed. - Have fun ! -

Electronic Connections

As promised, I actvated a site, where you can find how standard connections used by EPIC are built.
The main idea was to help all of you, that do not have any experience doing this kind of "misterious things", and show, that anyone can build good electronic connections easily.

Alien Pilot's Rooster

During the last 3 years A-51 and my sim have hosted many visitors. I have started a list of all the "Alien Pilots" that have flown my simulator. Each time it was a real pleasure for me, to see how my guests were having fun (I hope).
Perhaps your name will also be listed here very soon ;)

New sections

I opened a new chapter called "Electronics"on my HP. You can find it under "Technics".
The main idea is to show how interfaces, connections, modules and other components can be used to power a sim. As wiring, programming and electronics are things can be done just by some specialists, I wanted to show that even somebody like me without great knowledges of these arts can build a sim and power it. Of course it takes some learning, experiencing and patience, specially of those who are willing to help you.
I hope to be able to give you some good ideas for your own project. ;)
One sub-chapter is called EPIC, where I will try to give you an idea about this interface I have used.
Also a section about Components is included. Here you can find what parts I have used to build my sim.

HP Update

As many of you have written to me, asking for some more pictures about my current simulator and of Area-51, I have updated these sections of my site. I included some more pics from my Sim.Ver.2.0 and from Area-51.
You can find these pics in the corresponding sections.
I am also working on some new section for my page, which will show some technics, specially electronics, how to build them and parts that can be used. Also an update of the suggestion-chapter will be added soon.
Please be patient! - I will not take too long !
New Pics from ACES II

Some new pics of the Alpha-prototype of the ACES II (by Fenix) have been included in the pic gallery. Developing is advancing and the result looks really neat. :)

ACES II - News

I just returned from Madrid, where I visited my friends of Fenix. I can just say: WOW great job they are doing!!
Their ejection seat is allmost ready and they have implemented lots of details which are very accurate and give a perfect look to the seat.
I can´t wait untill they are ready and I can have one of those ACES for my own sim.
Just some new pics are shown this time, as I have to wait for authorization to show the whole thing. I am sure you will understand this.
Hope to see you soon again!
ACES II - New parts are ready!

Some new parts for the ACES II are ready now. The Inertia Reel and the corresponding Adjust-Handle are shown.
Further parts will follow shortly.
ACES II more new pictures

Development of the ACES II is progressing well. Here the latest pictures. It is allmost ready !
New Pics from ACES II

Some new pics of the Alpha-prototype of the ACES II (by Fenix) have been included in the pic gallery. Developing is advancing and the result looks really neat. :)

On request of some "Simmers" I am keeping a list of those who want to get one. (Up to date we are 7) We might get a very good discount if we are a larger numbers of possible customers. I am not allowed to mention the price yet, but let me tell you:
It is far below the expected price ;) - it is AFFORDABLE !!!!! :)
So, if you want me to include you, just send me an e-Mail.
Acryl panels II

Indications for building special panesl in Acryl are shown. This procedure might help you if you want to build for example the Glare-shield, the panels which hold the warning lights beneath the Glare-shield, etc.
A simple way to make corrections of faulty panels is also shown.
You can find the info at technics / suggestions / Acryl Panels II

Well, this will be the last update for 2002. I hope to see you around again 2003 :)

Acryl panels I

Lots of times I receive an e-Mail asking about the way how to build panels, how much they would cost, which materials we need, how long does it take to build one, etc, etc.
I want to help all those "simmers" that cannot afford to buy original or made panels, or also those, who prefer to build their own.
On the technics/suggestions/panels section you can find a description and pictures of how to build your own panels. The final result depends on you and your skills, but never give up! (The first panel I'd built was just lousey ;).
- I am sure yours will be much better! )
Mini Kochs

Today I have 2 news for you:

1.- On request of some "simmers" I am showing pics of the Mini-Kochs and some details
As they are quite difficult to get, some simmers want to duplicate them. For the rest: these pics might be interesting, as you can see what you are looking for.

2.- After some conversations with my friends from Fenix / Spain, they agreeded to give us "hobby-simmers" a very good discount on all Fenix parts, those they have made allready and all the others to come very soon.
As far as I am allowed to tell, the MFDs will be ready very very soon, and will be followerd by the ICP, the Center and Front Consoles, as well as other large amount of goodies.

The discount depends on how many of us order a certain part; therefore, if you find something that you want to have, please feel free to contact me via e-Mail, so that I can include you in the list I am keeping ;)
Screen magnification

Some information about how to make a 25" out of a 17" monitor by using Fresnel-lens(es) has been included in the technics / suggestion section of this site. Procedure and problems are mentioned.
Previous sim´s pictures

I included some pictures of Sim.Ver.1.0 and Sim.Ver.2.0, as I think that it might show what stages have ocurred since the beginning. Pics of Sim.Ver.0 are not shown, as a desk and some joysticks are nothing new to talk about.
You will find them in the sim's. history section or just click onto the headline of this news message.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !
May 2003 bring to all of you the sim you want ! :)

The ALPHA version of the MFDs can be seen in the "parts" section of this site. Finally MFDs that match the originals! I hope you like them ;)

Some pictures of the ACES II that will be placed in Sim.Ver.3.0 are shown at the "parts" section of this site.

It is not finished yet, but within a short time I hope to be able to sit in it.
Visit to "Fenix" in Spain

It is just AMAZING!!!
Now dreams are starting to come true! What my friends in Madrid are building is the finest work I have ever seen.

First of all I want to thank Manuel "Fox", Bartolomé "Shark" and their families for the invitation. Thank you very much guys for an amazing time with you!!! ;-)

Allthough I had planned to be working a lot with my spanish friends, the time I spent at Fenix was better than holidays for me.
If you want to feel like a kid in a toy-shop during X-Mas time, you must have a look at what Fox and Shark are building now!

- A perfect full metal ACES II with ALL details.

I expected good stuff after knowing the rudder pedals, but now they are getting even better. The ACES II is allmost ready.
That is the kind of chair I am asking Santa Claus this year to place under my tree ;-)

We spent lots of hours together working (well, they did, I just looked at them), talking about what the needs of the "Simmers" are, and after 12 hours of "hard" work (again, for them, but not for me ;-) we went to have lunch or dinner. I just LOVE the spanish cuisine and wine!!!!

Wendsday we had a meeting with "Chisco" and "Grizzly" from the 111th.SQD. We had a nice time together, although it was kind of short. You know, once you start talking about planes and F-16s, the time seems to have an afterburner. Anyhow, I was a real pleasure to meet these gentlemen. I hope to have another opportunity to get together and spend some time with them.

Well, back to business:
I had the opportunity to have a close look at other parts Manuel and Bartolomé are developing at this time, and very soon those guys will give all of us lots of surprises and goodies for our sims. Just to make you curious:
  • MFD - perfect looking, all switches, buttons, backlit and just plug and play!!!
  • A complete ICP with the above mentioned features will follow soon, as well as the Front and Center Consoles.
All these goodies are high fidelity and designed to be used either as desk-top equipment (if you have trouble with the "Big Boss" (wife) when you are "busy" with your toy) or can also be integrated in a simulator cockpit.

After talking with my friends, we agreeded, that if there is interest in having those parts, depending on the number, they would a make a good price for us. Honestly I think this sounds great, as finally there is a way for us to get very neat stuff for our projects.

If you need something, just contact me via E-Mail and I'll help you to get the parts you need (if I can, of course ;-)
Cougar is a must!

If you build a cockpit, the flight controls are an essential part, which should be as good as possible. These are the parts that you have constantly in your hands, and therefore they should be the best of the best. The cougar fits into this concept perfectly. I have received my set and I would not like to miss it any longer. It just became a must for my pit.
The rudder-pedal system has arrived!

Finally I have the a rudder-pedal sys. that matches the originals. Toe-braking, pedal adjust, differential braking, full metal and much more. - Just a dream! - Ordering, delivery, handling etc. everything worked perfectly; no delays, and the most important fact: I now have a rudder-pedal which will fit perfectly into my project.
Welcome to my all new Home Page!

You will notice from the very first moment, that the style has changed. My original HP was just a place to have fun, find some crazy ideas, and laugh about the "technical developments" of my sim (Ver.2.0).

The old HP made you hopefully laugh about the crazy Phaser, and that was my intention. This new HP is supposed to help people that are interested in building a simulator and have the same problems we all have had: no informations, no parts, allmost no ways to get something we do need. I hope to see you often around this new site!

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