CCD USB Device

Time passes....we get older....things change.... and thanks God, developements in the electronics do also match these criteria!
As thechnics are improved, things become easier for the user, and in the simulation sector this has happened also....USB is taking over the powering of simulators.
In my Sim. Ver.2.0 I used about 3000 meters of cable to power the panels and controls. It also meant lots of welding, checking circuits, headaches, frustration and many hours of work. With the USB technique (better known as "Plug & Play") panels can be powered with much less efforts than before. Of course USB does not necessarily mean "Plug & PLay" but it is a nice edge to use in a simulator. Some programming might become necessary if you want to achieve a perfect simulation, but also this can be learned.

CCD (Cockpit Control Device) is just a little magic box, which allows you to connect up to one ACES II, 2 MFDs, 1 ICP, 1 MISC.Panel, 1 TWP, 1 DED, Lights (Eyebrow Warning lights, Master Cution Light, AOA Indexer Lights, Refueling Lights and NWS lights) plus the Flight Controls (FLCS, TQS and RCS), just using a simple plug!!!
This "magic" was developed in Spain, and I have to admit that it really works! - The CCD once fully used, powers about 80% of the front section of an F-16 Blck 50 Simulator. This means that just this one little box allows you allready to get the real feeling you and I have been looking for.

USB CCD Device & Connections

One of the biggest problems I had when building and powering my Sim.Ver.2.0 was that I could not understand the documentation that was delivered with the EPIC. The manual looked neat, but after about three pages I realized, that the knowledges of the "Guru" that wrote it were superb, but...he assumed that everyone of us have also this level of programming knowledges. - Sorry Ralph, but I do not, as my profession goes in an other direction ;)
Because of this fact, there were different things to be done:
- either I learn programming (!!!!)
- I forget about using the interface (????)
- or I look for somebody that has the required knowledges and that is willing to help me :) :)
Well I was lucky to find a very good friend (Martin) that was patient enough to get me out of trouble. But... do you also have a friend that is a programmer??

The USB CCD allows the "Plug & Play" feature, and even can also program your devices to fit into your own concept. The magic box (CCD) is delivered with the required software, so just install it and there you go. Installation is achieved without problems, as a programm called FCenter takes trough the installation-routine. The procedure itself takes 2 minutes ;)
For those of us who want even more, a brand new language called MBM Language is included. A tutorial took me step by step through the programming, and it was easy to understand. The complete manual is "on board" in English and in German and the "Help" F1 function resolves all problems you might find. But...(there is allways a but...) I would recommend, that you take the time to read the tutorial as well as the manual. This way you will be able to work faster and better. ;)
Now I am really proud to be able to say that I can programm my stuff !!!! By the way: If I could learn it, you can also do it!

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