Rudder Pedal System

For a long time I have used the TM RCS, which at the time when it appeared, was just great and kept beeing like this for a long time. The yoke-control is, at least for me, a very important feature, specially now that side-wind components and therefore drifting have been included in the F4.0 simulation. (e-Razor, SP-2 and SP-3). Also while ground targeting, the capability of correcting the noseīs angle became more important from time to time. One of the missions, where I feel this capability is the key-stone for success, are Recon missions. I would recommend, that if youīre flying an accurate simulation, you should use rudder pedals, as besides taxi and good ground-control you get some advanages when in flight (more to that later).

As mentioned before and by now known by everyone of us, the simulations are getting better from day to day and new features are included. In F4.0 the wheel-brake function is also implemented, but until now, we had to use some button or key to apply the brakes (I used the paddle switch of my FLCS).

The initial idea was to buy some original F-16 pedals, which I could use with EPIC. The main problem was, that the complete system is very difficult to get, and if you are able to get one, donīt ask about the price you would have to pay for it. An adaptation of the TM RCS was another possibility, but difficult to to make, so that I discarded this solution.

About 1 month ago I heared about a company located in Spain that was starting to produce these pedals. After having a look at their HP I was amazed about what they had built. There are only very slight differences to the original pedal system, they are full metal version and have the toe-brakes as well. - Now that was something I just had to have, as the sim. that I am building right now is high fidelity and this rudder pedal system is also high.fid.

I made contact with the guys of Fenix (thatīs the name for the sim-line they are developing) and was surprised to get all kind of informations about the pedals and their future projects. By now I can tell you that a friendship developed from that first contact. My partner Martin "Pegasus" allready knew Manuel and Bartolome for some time, and by now those new friends have the same aim-point than me: building a complete high.fid sim.

High fidelity rudder-pedals with toe-brakes


Complete Set

Peddal with toe-brake

Detail of toe-brakes

When ordering I had different configurations from which I could choose, depending on what I want and how much I wanted to spend. I could either have just rudder-pedals, rudder-pedals with toe-brakes, rudder-pedals with the adjust rails or the complete set. I ordered a complete set of rudders and after 1 week it was like X-Mas for me!!! The box arrived. The packing is great. Every part is protected, so that you can be sure to get a perfect set of pedals. The whole construction is full metal and therefore very stable. The appearance was even better than shown by the pictures of the HP. They just look alike the real thing and even more important, the also do WORK like the real stuff.

All connectors, wires, etc. was included. Even a warranty for the propper function of the set is provided and a hotline for extra information is also available. In other words: those guys just donīt deliver on time, but also support you if necessary.

About delivery: I could also choose which way the set was delivered, either by FedEx, normal Mail, etc. Also this was just a matter of the speed with which I wanted to get my pedals and the money I wanted to spend for the transport. You can imagine, that I wanted to receive my set if possible the day BEFORE yesterday.

The complete set has the capability of adjusting the pedals as required (like the real stuff) and the cable control can be installed onto the center console of the simulator corresponding the real Viper. The movement is much smaller that the movement I had on the RCS by Thrustmaster. Now finally I do not have to move the pedals around like crazy. Small movement-ranges give me perfect control either in flight or on the ground.

A differential braking-capability is allready there, allthough F4.0 right now does not have this feature. Anyhow, knowing the what the Super-Pack wizzards are able to do, I hope that sooner or later we will have a differential breaking also in our birds. The pedal itself feels great, also the toe-braking. You have to apply some pressure to actuate the brakes, like the real thing.

The connections are now predisposed to cope 100% with the Cougar flight control, but there is an adapter being developed, to make this rudder pedals usable with all other systems like EPIC, etc. The complete set is very stable and I am shure it will provide lots of hours of fun!(as soon as I have my pit Ver.3.0 ready)

If some of you have gotten curious about the pedals, just contact me, as I think I might help you in this matter. Also Martin "Pegasus" could help you.

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