Having the right position inside the cockpit is one of the most important features. As I had mentioned before, the first thing I wanted, was to be seated like in a real Viper, that means a 30° angle position.

But not only this position is importatnt. Sitting in a real ejection seat (if you had the chance to do this, you know what I mean), is a very special feeling: high tech. and safety!!!

Therefore no simulator (mil. of course) would be perfect without this ejection seat. For my project the seat is being built and I am very proud to show what my spanish friends are developing. Just a DREAM - Allmost all details have been carefully copied and I am sure that after the ACES II is finished, the only difference you'll have, is that the real ACES can eject.

ACES II - Alpha Stage



Parachute Container



After first paint layer

Once painted and with all handles (all active) and with an electric height-adjust system, this seat will match perfectly my project. I am just looking forward to sit in it, buckle in, and have my first flight ! ;)

I felt that all of you might be interested in having a look at the development, so that I placed pics of it at the bottom. You'll be surprised ;)
Here some pictures of the latest status of the ACES II by Fenix. It is allmost ready and just some small details are missing.
As you can see, all features are being included, even the bottom box beneath the seat cushion, where the F-16 survival-kit goes in.

Latest Alpha-Status ( Feb.2003 )

Front with Harness and Cushion

Bottom Box for Survival Kit

Seat Cushion

CAD Drawing

Inertia Reel Handle

Inertia Reel

The Inertia Reel is also active and can be adjusted using the Adjust-Leaver that is placed at the left side of the seat. The Reel System will tighten up the belts and lock them into the desired position. (Like in the real thing!)

Alpha Details ( Mar.2003 )

Handles, cushion & belts

Soft ejection handle


On these latest pictures, you can see, that my spanish friends do NOT waste any time at all. Since my last visit lots of new things have been manufactured and placed on their ACES. - Just amazing to see how much time, money and love has been invested in this project, which will be the "perfect edge" for our simulators.

On the left pic. you can see the Lap-Belt (with the Mini-Kochs), the Waist-Belt, which is attached to the survival kit (placed beneath the cuschion), the Emergency Chute Deploy Handle and the Ejection Handle.

All these parts work. The mechanism of these parts give not only the right action, but also the feeling and the sound of the real thing!! ;)

The center pic shows that the ejection handle is soft, as the real one, but still has ALL the details of the original part.

The picture on the right shows the Lap-Belt and the Waist Belt that is attached to a survuval kit placed beneath the seat cushion. Also these details have been included in the Fenix ACES II.

I think everything looks great, but Manuel and Bartolomé insisted that I mention again, that this is ONLY the Alpha version. Based on this fact, just try to imagine how the Beta version will look like. I am sure it will be splendid!

If you are interested in having one of these ACES II for your simulator, please contact Realsimulator, as they are keeping a list of all of us, that want one ACES. This way the best price can be reached.

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