Mini Koch

Lots of times I have been asked about the waist-belt buccle. This parts called "Mini Koch" are extremely rare and difficult to get. After a very long search in the WEB, Martin "Pegasus" could finally find some. Thanks Martin for this!!!
There is not much to say about the Mini Kochs, except that they are quite small. Honestly I was expecting some bigger buccles ;) - Well, anyhow they look great and are used for the waist-belt. In combination with the torso-harness they assure that the pilot will remain on his ACES even during extreme high G-maneuvers.

Mini Koch
Front Back

Until now we could not find the fitting counter-parts of the Mini Kochs, and if some of you know where to get them, I would really appreciate if you could send me a short E-Mail with the add :)
So far we are planning to have these missing parts made for us by the Fenix Fellows. (BTW: they are capable of making allmost everything ! ;) )
As soon as we have these parts I will show them in this section. In the meantime I hope that the shown pics can help you either to find some Mini Kochs or just duplicate them.

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