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Hello and welcome to my new site! For all those, who allready had visited my HP, this new version will continue with the basic idea of providing the required information to build and/or develope a neat simulator of the F-16 blck. 50/52. Depending on the fidelity you want, it might be necessary to get some parts which are allready made, as it would be very complicated to build them just by yourselves. You can allways find a solution and build some parts which may work well, are cheap, but it will be very difficult to achieve a high fidelity. Therefore, depending on what level of fidelity, you will find information and suggestions under the different versions:

Version 0.0 Just a gaming place on your desk in front of your PC.
Version 1.0 A mock-up built using very unexpensive materials, but provides the feeling of sitting in a pit. This cockpit uses electronic parts, which can be found easily and allows allready some control on different functions of the virtual cockpit of the software. (low fidelity)
Version 2.0 This simulator implements the use of an interface that allows control of all switches, lights, buttons, leavers, and some instruments. (low to mid fidelity)
Version 3.0 The dream that all of us have. A simulator that is capable of powering every part of the cockpit. The appearance is allmost a perfect copy of the original; all controls are powered, instruments Work (at least as far as supported by the software), and requires sometimes the use of original Parts or pieces that are built by simulator-providers that supply there items. (mid to high fidelity)

I'll try to show pictures as far as possible, as I allways thought, that a good picture tells more than 1000 words.

I hope that you can find all the information you are looking for at this site. If not, I am including some very good links, where the missing data can be found to support your interest and efforts. To be kept on the last status, just have a look under News often. I hope to update the page often to submit as much info as possible.

All the information you will find here is free and can be given to others who are also interested in building their own simulator. Allthough, I would appreciate that you mention the source when using ifo from this or other sites, as it took and will take plenty of time and work to submit all the expected data. I think that it is just fair to give some credit to those who deserve it.


I want thank Martin "Pegasus" by this way for helping me to design and develope this HP. Martin made a superb job by advising me how to build this site and allowing me to use parts of his own layout, as my personal knowledges in this matter are not very extense.

- Thank you again Pal!!! -

Dieter "Phaser" Salzburg

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