Simulator Room "Area-51"

This name might be well known to most of us. Well I decided that my simulator facility (room) that I have built for this purpose, should have this name, as allmost nobody is capable to understand "what strange things are built there". In my Area 51 allthough, all information is NOT clasified, and therefore free for everybody that want to have it.

For Area 51 I had a non used place at "high altitude" in my house: the attic. After about 3 weeks of sawing, cutting, drilling etc., Area 51 came alive.

The room is completely black painted, has no windows at all, and after locking the hatch, not even sound can penetrate (or get out) the place. Ventilation is given through an air-condition sys. and for the winter-time a heater-system was installed. A fan system recycles the air, so that I have a constant temperature of 20 Celsius inside the room. I felt that these conditions were very important, as lots of electronics will get the place warmer, and by the way I feel better if I can fly in a colder surrounding instead of a warmer one. The black surroundings helps a lot when using a beamer on a big screen. Once nothing else besides the image on the screen is seen, the feeling of flying is improved.

"Area-51"- I

A-51 Access

Hatch & Safety Rope

Hatch closed (inside view)

Hatch Handle


Hatch closed (outside view)

The enviroment of a sim should match the required athmosphere. Because of this, I tried to build my Area 51 in a way, that you allready get a feeling of the simulation from the very first moment.
I wanted the access to the sim room to look like the rear access of an aircraft. I think my plan worked - At least I do like it ;)
Due to the character of this room, special care was taken about making the place safe, not only referring to electrics, but also thinking about my future guests, that certainly will not be used to this room.
I installed a safety-rope to make the way up and down more safe. This rope can hold up to 200 kg (400 pounds), so that a firm grip is provided. Also illumination when going up into a dark room is provided. Once inside, internal lights can be switched on.
It is a steep way up and DOWN, therefore the hatch can be closed, allowing walking around the place, even if it is pitch dark.
Once you close the hatch, no light or sound will come into the sim room, nor leave it. This way normal life in the lower levels of my house can go on, even if it is late in the night.

"Area-51"- II

Deco I

Bird Cage

Deco II

Phaser's Locker

Tactics & Work

Social Area

Decoration is escential for a good looking! - Some detail here, some sign there, and soon you have the atmosphere you area looking for. Different sub-areas were built to allow maintenance of the bird, planning a sortie, discussing tactics, having a cup of coffee or even some "high octane fuel" (to be found in Phaser's locker).
About the flight gear you can see, beleave me...if you get dressed according to the party you're going to, fun is even bigger!
I have never seen a hangar without a coke-machine....therefore I did not want to miss it in my Area 51 ;)

"Area-51"- III

Planning & Tactics

Big Screen


Sim Basis I

Sim Basis II

Sim Basis III

The big screen that I am using is backlit; it means the projector beams onto it from the rear. This way I can achieve a good size on the screen with a minimum amount of reflexes and light.
Good sound enhances also a simulation. Therefore a surround system was installed. 4 speakers and a sub-woofer deliver all the noise you need.
The Sim will be placed on top of a basis. No special reason for, but it gives the whole a better appearence. As Sim. Ver.3.0 will be made of metal, I had to build the basis quite stable, in order to assure that I do not have an unwanted "landing" in the room below Area-51 ;) The pics show different stages of this construction.

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